JP McHale Bed Bug Elimination Station

A Community Outreach/Customer-Building Special Event
Created and Executed By DDR Public Relations, Inc.WeeZee-JPMcHale 024



DDR Public Relation’s regular monitoring of the local “Moms” pages on Facebook (especially as it relates to any negative comments or concerns) is part of an ongoing social media and traditional media monitoring effort included in our ongoing reputation management program for JP McHale Pest Management.  Therefore, when a rapidly growing conversation on Chappaqua Moms about bed bugs found in books purchased at the annual Friends of the Chappaqua Library’s Used Book Sale on June 5, 2013 was immediately noted and brought to the attention of JP McHale president, Jim McHale.  DDRPR then recommended that JP McHale use the community-wide attention and worry about bed bugs found in two of the 32,000 books sold by the Library as an opportunity for Jim McHale to “come to the rescue” and reach out to the Town of New Castle, which is an extremely significant customer area for this Westchester County pest management company.

DDRPR quickly coordinated with JP McHale a consumer “education and action” program — offering information and advice about bed bugs, as well as discounts on elimination services to anyone who purchased books at the Chappaqua Library.   And, even bigger and better, we approached the Chappaqua Library and the Town of New Castle to offer a JP McHale Bed Bug Elimination Station to take place in the train station parking lot that very next weekend on June 15, 2013.  The event would feature Trixie, the bed bug sniffing dog and a bed bug elimination heating unit, which we were then able to promote through this event, that is environmentally-friendly using a vegetable oil derivative to generate the highest levels of heat needed to eliminate bed bugs.



  • Monitor and respond to any negative buzz about JP McHale on social media, in particular the local “Moms” pages on Facebook (where a great many JP McHale customers routinely feedback about the company)
  • Promote JP McHale’s loyalty to its customer base and prove to current and potential customers that the company is quick to respond to questions, needs and concerns
  • Promote JP McHale’s expertise and emphasis on environmentally-friendly pest management methods and techniques



  • Develop an immediate response and strategy to resolve a bed bug problem in the Town of New Castle
  • Create an event and consumer program that supports the efforts of the Chappaqua Library and the Town of New Castle
  • Create an event and consumer program that demonstrates the value of JP McHale and the company’s importance and devotion to the Town of New Castle and towns throughout Westchester County



  • We approached the Town of New Castle and the Chappaqua Library to coordinate a week-long consumer education program and weekend special event
  • We worked with the Town and the Library to ensure that text messages and eblasts would be sent out to all residents of the Town of New Castle
  • We worked with Chappaqua Library officials to help them respond to the overwhelming number of resident concerns and complaints
  • We initiated and participated in conversations on social media, in particular, on Chappaqua Moms to allay fears and concerns, offer information about bed bugs and to announce and promote the Bed Bug Elimination Station event
  • We designed and created colorful posters and flyers, and hung them around the town of Chappaqua
  • Press releases and media advisories were distributed that provided information about the campaign and information about the event dates
  • We coordinated and organized a large outdoor special event attended by hundreds of residents complete with information tables about JP McHale set alongside the bed-bug detecting and elimination tables and stations.



This event became “the talk of the town” – on the streets, in the schools, on social media and in the media.  A recorded 3,000 books were brought to the event by Town of New Castle residents, along with residents of neighboring communities.  Bed bugs were detected in some of the books brought to the event and JP McHale was then hired on the spot to service and treat several Chappaqua homes.

In addition, the event turned into a “family fun event” attended by children hoping to catch a glimpse of Trixie, the bed bug sniffing dog and to pick up coloring books and goody bags that were distributed by JP McHale at the event.

The media response was phenomenal, including TV segments on WCBS-TV News, News 12, The Journal News, The Examiner, New Castle Now, the Patch and other local media outlets.

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